The Indian Student Association strives to provide an outlet for those of Indian descent to express their heritage and culture. We hope that by educating others around us of our culture we can reach a high level of understanding and mutual respect.


One of our primary goals is to bring together a community of like-minded individuals so that we might help each other grow and develop. We host several social events in order to facilitate this community and hope that everyone can come together and have a fun time.


We as an organization fight to provide to those in need a way for success in health and life. We work to help the unfortunate by donating our money, time, and energy into creating fundraisers, raising awareness, and general volunteering in our community.

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We are a cultural organization dedicated to bringing South-Asian culture to the campus of the University of Illinois. We strive to bring our community together through social, philanthropic, and cultural events. Every year we host several of these in the hopes that we can build a strong, tight-knit community that brings growth and cultural diversity to our campus.

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